Group classes offer a fun and community oriented approach to getting in shape. Our classes are mixed levels and open to people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you’re an athlete or have never worked out before, CrossFit training is for you.  

If you are new to CrossFit Training, we offer a free introductory session (which is a prerequisite) needed to start attending group classes.  Your first week of group classes after your intro is free!

If you are experienced CrossFitter with 3+ months of CrossFit, and are considering joining our box,  we offer a free week trial to our Group Classes.

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personal training

Coaches Tom and Esther have over a decade of training clients reach their goals. We have helped athletes improve their specific sports performance.  Tennis players, basketball, soccer, professional practical shooting, professional moto america riding, professional motocross riding, and etc... Coach Esther also has experience working out through pregnancy and postpartum. We can help a wide spectrum of clients who want to improve their performance in sport, or overall fitness and health. Want to improve in your technique with Olympic Weightlifting? Do you have special needs that require more attention?  Or perhaps you’d like to start with personal training until you’re more comfortable, then transition into group classes. Whatever the case may be, we do offer one-on-one personal training.  

Contact us for details.

USA olympic weightlifting

We are a USA sanctioned weightlifting club called Evoke Strength.  2 Classes of Olympic Weightlifting training on Wednesday’s at 6:15pm, and Saturdays at 11am is included with our CrossFit group classes Membership, but we also offer a focused Olympic Weightlifting program for those solely interested in olympic weightlifting.

Contact us for details.

USA Weightlifting CLUB OPEN GYM

We have newly renovated our Barbell Club Room which is 2500 square foot with platforms, power cage, jerk blocks, kilogram competition plates, and etc... Need to drop in, or have a set program where you need to lift separate from the busy CrossFit Classes? We also offer personalized olympic weightlifting programs. If interested, please contact us for more information. 

Kids Barbell & Sports Performance CluB

USAW sanctioned kids barbell club is a youth fitness program that is designed for kids 5 and up to prepare youth athletes for both the sport of weightlifting, and to excel in their chosen sport. The program focuses on building 10 general physical skills:

Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. 

One of our many specialties of experience is teaching weightlifting, and your children will learn technique safely. Currently we offer this class on Mon & Wednesday at 4pm. Saturday at 9:15am. We will be adding on more classes with the growing needs of our community. Our children are the future.


No CrossFit training experience needed. Mom/Dad WOD is a program for parents with infants or toddlers. Perfect for postpartum mommies to take this class. We offer self care area or basic care. These classes are offered Thursday & Friday at 8:15am. Saturday at 8:15am. Self or basic care of children offered also for the 9:30am CrossFit Classes on Mon-Wed.


Want to focus on powerlifting, and get strong with your squats, deadlift, and bench? We have a Powerlifting Club for those that are solely looking to specialize in this training.


We welcome drop ins for experienced CrossFitters.  Drop in cost is $20, or if your in town for more than a couple of days, we offer a discounted drop in rate. Drops ins must have around 3+ months of experience.  Please be sure to notify us 24 hours ahead of time, and fill out our online waiver prior to coming in.

Private Nutrition Consulting

Want to improve your performance? Weightloss? Muscle gain? Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help. Ask about our private nutrition consulting services if interested. Testimonials will be updated soon.