"There is no higher purpose than service to others."


Our Mission

"There is no higher purpose than service to others."  The preceding statement has driven us since the day we opened in 2011.  CrossFit is about continuous growth; there is no such thing as perfection, only progress.  We continuously strive to improve ourselves daily.  At CrossFit Evoke, we carry that same attitude over to our daily operations.  It is always our aim to constantly improve our services to our members, and help them to reach their goals.

Real life is unknown and unknowable, and in order to be prepared for real life, we believe that training on constantly varied functional movements which will help prepare you for a broad range of activities and possible events. CrossFit training is broad and varied. By focusing your training on functional movements, you will build a broad foundation for not only for sports, but for everyday life movements. Even if you’re just looking to get into better shape, CrossFit training will improve your quality of life in a fun and safe environment.