Membership Pricing

We have many different membership plans to fit your schedule and fitness needs. We first offer a free private introductory session to those are new to CrossFit training, a free week trial to our CrossFit group classes, and a discounted trial month to get started. For experienced CrossFitters of 3+ months of experience, we offer a free week trial to CrossFit group classes, and a discounted month trial. We are confident in the quality of our community and services, and want to make sure that CrossFit Evoke is a good fit for you before committing to any longer term membership plan. 


After the month trial we have membership packages that vary from $150-200 a month depending on what plan(s) and discount(s) apply. 

Memberships after the month trial, if you decide to continue, and give us permission, are auto drafted every month, unless it is paid up front plan. We require a 30 day notice for cancellations, and a 14 day notice for a membership hold request. We don't do indefinite holds, and hold requests must be 1 month plus or longer. 


*For auto draft monthly memberships, no credit or refunds will be provided if you fail to write to 30 days ahead for cancellation, and 14 days for hold requests. For paid up front memberships no credit or refund for any reason.