Box Rules

  1. Show up on time -  Every class is structured and it is important to spend the proper amount of time warming up and receiving instruction.  We understand that you may occassionally be a few minutes late, but understand that if you're more than 10 minutes late, you may be required to wait until the next class as you may not have enough time to warm up properly or may have missed a crutial part of the instruction.  Also, if you are late, you may be asked to do some burpees.  Please do not argue or otherwise disrespect the coaches if you are asked to do burpees, it’s just a quick way to warm you guys up to prevent injuries. Your safety and well being is important to us.

  2. Leave your ego at the door - This is a very common rule in most boxes, and for good reason.  This may very well be the most important rule at the box.  Often, it is one's ego that causes them to either disrespect the coach or other members, and can be very disruptive to the class.  It is important to understand that CrossFit will expose your weaknesses, which can be difficult for some to deal with.  It is also important to understand that only by addressing our weakness can we truly make progress.  There will always be others that are stronger, faster, or more technically sound than you, but you are primarily in competition with yourself.  Healthy competition is good, but if you have the wrong attitude, it can be detrimental.  We should use others to push ourselves to do better and vise-versa, not to assert ourselves or stroke our egos.  

  3. Always warm up - This is important in order to prevent injuries.  Many of the movements that we perform are stressful on our joints and muscles.  A proper warm-up is always part of every class.

  4. Let the coaches coach - Please refrain from talking whenever the coach(es) are giving instruction.  There may be times when you may feel that you already know what the coaches are saying, but it is important to remember that other members may not be as familiar with the instruction as you may be.  Plus, repetition is a critical part of training.  Only through repetition, can we master even the most basic of movements.  Coach Greg Glassman has always promoted Virtuosity.  Virtuosity is doing the common uncommonly well.  Even though a movement may seem basic, mastering that movement helps us to build foundations for the more complex movements which will help make learning those movements easier.

  5. Respect and support other members - We are a community, and we are not only here to help ourselves but one another.  It is important to not only celebrate our achievements, but the achievements of the other members as well.  Do your best to motivate and cheer for your classmates.  CrossFit may very well be the only sport in which the last to finish receives the most cheers.  Remember, we are primarily in competition with ourselves.  It doesn't matter if we finish first or last as long as we do our best and always strive to work harder.

  6. Ask Questions - This is a learning institution and we are here to give the best education possible.  Learning requires dialog and reflection.  We as coaches are always here to help you get the most out of your training as possible.  We love it when members ask questions, it shows interest and effort on your part.

  7. Clean up your gear - Please be sure to wipe down and put away your equipment.  This is courteous to the coaches and other members.

  8. Communicate any injuries with your coaches - We may get little injuries from time to time, this is a normal part of training.  Communicating any injuries allows us to address the issue and helps to prevent further injury.  You should never feel bad about not being able to perform a workout or movement due to injury or the possibility of injury.  Often, we can prescribe things that will help mitigate the issue and help speed up the recovery process.

Recommended Gear

  1. Proper Shoes - proper shoes are essential to get the most out of your training.  It is recommended that, at the very least, you wear flat, minimalist shoes.  Avoid, basketball type shoes that have soft, tall soles.  The best option is to get shoes designed for CrossFit.  Ideally, you should have a set of general use CrossFit shoes (such as Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons), and proper olympic style weightlifting shoes.  Ask your coaches for their recommendations.

  2. Jump Rope - although we do our best to provide basic jump ropes for our members, it is best to have your own personal jump rope that is adjusted properly for you.  Plus jump ropes are very personal, some like a heavier rope while others may like a lighter rope.

  3. Wrist Wraps - A lot of the movements that are performed within CrossFit can be stressful on your wrists, especially in the beginning of your CrossFit journey.  Certain movements such as Front Squat, Cleans, and Overhead Squats can be uncomfortable on the wrists until your mobility improves.  Wrist wraps offer extra support for the wrists and can alleviate some of the discomfort.

  4. Long Socks - It is not uncommon for CrossFitters to scrape up their shins while doing CrossFit WODs.  Movements like Deadlifts, Box Jumps, and Rope Climbs often cause shin scrapes.  While there are socks made specifically for CrossFit, any knee high (soccer style) socks will suffice.

  5. Misc. - We also recommend bringing the following items to the box:  water bottle, journal, athletic tape, and of course a GOOD ATTITUDE.

Recommended Supplements

We are often asked, "what supplements should I take?"  Following is a list of supplements that we recommend getting.

  1. Fish Oil - This is the most important supplement that you should already be taking.  Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory.  Fish oil is heart healthy and helps us to recover by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness.  The important thing to remember is that not all fish oils are equal.  What is important to pay attention to is the amount of EPA/DHA.  It is typical for manufacturers to promote the total amount of fish oil contained in one serving, but what is important is the amount of EPA/DHA (the active ingredient) that one serving contains.  We recommend getting at least 3 grams of EPA/DHA daily for the typical CrossFitter (and even more for the competitive athlete).                                      
  2. Multi-Vitamin - Even if you eat a healthy diet, it is very possible that you may be deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals.  It is also important to know that what the FDA recommends may not be enough.  We recommend taking a multi-vitamin in order to be sure that we are not deficient.                                                                                                                            
  3. Whey Protein - Protein is essential to help us rebuild and repair our muscles.  Whey Protein Isolate is what is preferred.  If you happen to be highly lactose tolerant, Whey Hydroslate might be the way to go as it has all lactose removed.  We get many questions on what protein brand is good.  As long as it i whey protein isolate (or hydroslate) from a reputable brand, you should be fine.  
  4. Water - This probably goes without saying, but it is important to drink a lot of water.  This is especially true after a WOD when you're depleted.  100 oz. per day is a good starting point.

CrossFit Lingo

WOD = Workout Of the Day = The workout of the day is typically done at the end of class after strength training or technical training.

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible or As Many Rounds As Possible.  Basically, do as much as you can in the allotted time.

Reps = A commonly used abbreviation for Repetitions.

ME = Max Effort:  A strength training technique where lifting maximum loads is the emphasis.  Typically done with 1 to 5 reps.

DE = Dynamic Effort:  A strength training technique where lifting moderate loads at high speed is the emphasis.  This is typically done with 10 to 15 sets of 2 to 3 reps.

RM = Rep Max:  A term describing the heaviest weight you can lift a byspecific number of times. E.g., 5 RM (5 Rep Max).

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute:  A workout technique where a specified number of reps of a movement(s) are performed every minute for a specified number of minutes.  E.g., do 15 burpees every minute on the minute.

Oly = A commonly used abbreviation for Olympic Weightlifting.