Great Changes

Our gym CrossFit Evoke just got an upgrade! We are in the process of reorganizing our space for all the new equipment we recently purchased, and stay tuned to hear about more services we will be adding.

New Strongman Equipment:

  • Rogue Sandbag Stones 
  • Atlas Stones
  • Rogue Loading Pin for Duck Walk Farmer Carries
  • We have two Yoke Squat Racks

We have updated and added:

  • New Wall Balls 24 and 30lbs

We are building a separate USAW Evoke Strength Barbell Club Room:

  • Adding 3 Platforms
  • Rearranging our Power Rack

For Conditioning

  • We have a total of 8 Assault Bikes!

What this means is that there will be so much more variety and fun in the programming and services to be offered! Stay tuned, for more exciting news to be announced in the future,


Establish 1RM Deadlift of the day


12 minute Partner EMOM 

"The Third Trimester"

  • 10/7 Calorie Assault Bike and in remaining time of the minute max reps Kettlebell Swings (50/35lbs)
  • Rogue Sand Stone Bear Hug Hold (150/100lbs)

You may only swing kettlebell swings if partner is holding the sandbag. Max reps kettlebell swing accumulated together as score.

We will be establishing a new Baseline workout coming Monday, so get ready to sweat! Stay hydrated in this heat wave.